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Ration distribution to the needy families, Madarsa students stuck in lockdown.

During this pandemic situation followed by unprecedented lockdown, people are deperate to help themselves and their families and relatives not to die out of starvation. Several NGOs and individuals go beyond this and are trying to help those unknown people too, who can’t help themselves- poor, needy, weak and dying ones.

Sara Javed Chawla is a student social activist and speaker, pursuing her master's degree in M.A from Delhi University, Arts Faculty. She is working on ground level with her volunteers regarding the releif distribution to the victims families.

Since the lockdown they have reached to the families of Sundar Nagri, Seelampur, Jafrabad, migrant workers, distribution among Rohini labours, and families and labours in areas of Old Delhi like Azad market, Turaqman gate, Chandani Mehal, Ballimaran, Lal Kuan, also.

People's faith have not worked only for families and migrant workers but they looked after the Madarsas of Gangoh, Rampur (Maniharan), Baghpat, Barot, Loni, Kirana, Krawalnagar, Jafrabad, Mustufabad, Dasna Missouri, Muzaffarnagar, Meerut and also bastia between Delhi and Meerut, Shastri Nagar Basti etc. and other remote areas. Till now the team \"PEOPLE'S FAITH\" distributed around 300 food packets to migrant workers for around 15 days daily, reaching to around 3500 families

With the local help and vehicle contribution of our volunteers they have distributed around 300 ration kits in Loni also. Thus request to kindly support their beneficiaries with the aim of utilizing the funds for:

1. Ration distribution to the needy families, Madarsa students stuck in lockdown.

2. Economic Rehabilitation of Riot Victims after Lockdown.

3. Educational rehabilitation of students.

Food has no religion. Rumi was once asked : Which music sounds are considered Haram in Islam?

Rumi replied-\"The sound of spoons playing in the pots of the rich, which are heard by the poor & hungry\".

If you have been planning to do Charity, today is the best Day. Just Do It. Kar ke dekho.Achha lagta hai.

Let's help someone in need, without expecting something in return. It will make us feel better than what money can.

\"The world is full of nice people... If you can't find one... Be one

So far the team has worked independently with their funds but now they as well are running out of funds. There are 250 more new requests from Loni, 120 from Dasna, some nearby areas of Old Delhi and Nizamuddin Basti and Inderlok Bastis. And some migrant labourers and respectable families who are not coming out because of their dignity and respect. They are now committed to the task of providing 30000 Food kits and some cooked food in Delhi UP and near by area.

Supported by the ever-trusted team of People's faith, you can be sure that every rupee of your contribution goes to the needy people. We are accepting Zakat, Sadqa and Fitra amounts.

Donate generously and support the cause.

For more details, connect withl us on

Sara Javed Chawla 971718921216/8368552624

Jawad Mohaddis Ansari 9811772441/ 8700842571

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