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With digital payments the world is getting digital,
So the help is.

Our masjid, makhtabs and Ngos mostly dependent on our everyday giving. At this moment the contributions are majorly cash based or they are through some middlemen. Almspay through its platform not only providing masjid, makhtabs and Ngos digital payment collection application in the age of Paytm, Phonepe and google pay but its also reducing the misappropriation of money done by middle men who are making collections for masjid, makhtabs and Ngos.


Win trust of your donors, give them convenience,
Attract more collection with transparency

Donors are the same people who are using digital payments and wallets like Paytm, phonepe and google pay to do daily transactions. Having less cash or no cash restricts them to donate masjid, makhtabs and Ngos even if they want to. Almspay gives your donor option to contribute you digitally with greater convenience.

e Payment of Imdaad,
Sadqah & Zakat


Donors want to contribute digitally
due to changing systems of payment and lack of time

Anyone can easily contribute to their nearest and favourite Masjid, Makhtabs and NGOs through e-payments. Almspay make donations easy and convenient for donors. Donors can get receipts on their phone and track their monthly contribution.

Available for your smartphone

You can download the app of Almspay from Play store and can donate if you want. Soon we will launch IOS.